…earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" Jude 3.


Gleans from Monday Bible Study with Pastor (Dr) W.F Kumuyi.


14th November 2016


Text – Revelation 3:7-13; 2 Corinthians 5:18-20; Acts 20:28

He that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says unto the Churches. Studying the word of God brings us in contact with the Spirit. He is the One that guides, teaches and leads us into the truth. Whenever we come to study the word, we don’t come for entertainment, but to be taught of the word. He enlightens, empowers and establishes us in the truth. He enlightens us, and the word comes with conviction, conversion, and enables us to continue in the word. He comes to empowers us so that before that day of the Rapture, we will be be strong, solid, steadfast, steady, and spiritual, and when the Lord will come, we will not be missing out in Jesus Name.

This is what the Lord is saying to every church, at that time, and in every age. What He tells the church at that time and in every generation, show us His expectations, examination, and what He is going to demand when He comes back, so that we can make it on that last day.

This church is the Faithful church, and in this church you will see that there was;

  1. No condemnation
  2. No corruption, everything appears holy and pleasing unto the Lord
  3. No conformity to the world, not bend a little to the world.
  4. No compromise of the word of God
  5. No cowardice – no fear, a little strength, but no cowardice.
  6. No contradiction of God’s Will – they stood on the word of God that they have heard
  7. Nothing will change their conviction

There are many people that wants opportunities, breakthroughs, open doors, then be faithful. Because He opens that door of opportunities, of breakthrough, ministry and service to the people who are faithful unto Him.

The angel of the Church is the representative of Christ, an ambassador of the Lord

We have the ministry of reconciliation, we link sinners to the Saviour, link believers to the Bridegroom, link the people of God to the power of God, make them to come nearer to God, and to receive more of the blessings of God. We reconcile husbands and wives, parents and children, pastors and members, people in the church, we are not for conflict, not for warfare. Not the word of scattering, driving people away from the church and God, not a word to threaten them, but the word of reconciliation, a word to love ministry, and makes a member to want to stay there in the church, attracting the people to the Lord, not a word that scares them away from the Lord.

The church is the people not the building, people who are purchased by the blood of the Lamb, the blood of Jesus Christ has cleansed and purified them.

Take heed unto yourselves as an angel of the church, mind your language, actions, behaviours, watch your relationship with the people in the church, with the women, men, children and youths in the church. We feed the church of God, the people, the converts, saints, and children of God. We are to feed in love, mercy, with excitement, joyfulness not with a cane in your hands.

Our Lord Jesus is sent by the Father, our God to be the Propitiation for our sins, to tell us what the gospel is all about. We are to bring people to the Lord, and as they come, we are to fed them with the word of God, teach them with the word of restitution, righteousness, power of the Holy Ghost, that is the church, and this is what the Lord has called us to. This is what the Lord has called us to do, and this is what the pastor in the church in Philadelphia did, and that is why they were faithful, fruitful and favoured. And the same will happen to us as we become to the Lord. You become faithful, fruitful and be favoured in Jesus Name.

3 points;

Point 1. Christ’s Irreproachable Perfection and Omnipotence

Revelations 3:7

The attributes of Christ;

  1. He that is Holy – Hebrews 7:26; Romans 12:1,2; 1 Corinthians 3:17; Ephesians 1:4; 2:21; 1 Peter 1:15-16

When you talk about Christ, He is

  1. Essentially Holy
  2. Entirely Holy
  3. Eternally Holy

He makes us His followers holy. He makes our lives, behaviour, thoughts, plans, aspiration holy, because He is holy through and through. And He will do for you, if He is not done it yet in your life. He will do it for me.

If you are holy, you will be harmless, undefiled, and separate from sinners.

Holy so as the branches. He passes this holiness to you, so you can be holy if you are of Christ.

Your bodies will be holy, your eyes, feet will be holy that you present your bodies as a living sacrifice unto God, holy unto Him.

Holiness doe not lead to fighting nor racor. He will make me holy. He has calls us to this life of holiness in our thoughts, disposition, habits, behaviours and in every area of our lives.

There is no department of your life that you will reserve for uncleanliness, because He is Holy, and has calls us to be holy as well. And He will do this for us.

  1. He that is True, everything about Him is True. His promises and ways are true – Revelations 3:7; 1 John 5:20; Matthew 22:16; John 8:32; John 16:13; 2 Corinthians 4:2; Jeremiah 9:5

Here is the Nature of Christ, His life, character, and what He transfers unto us as well. And have that same characteristics of being truthful in us.

Christ is True, and we know. Heavens, angels, human beings know that this is True One, Jesus Christ. And the consequences of this is we are transform to be truthful, and He gives us that nature and characteristics of His, that He makes us true.

What changes and transforms our lives is the Truth of Christ, that makes us free from the eternal and internal sins, from inward and Adamic nature. Also, He sends the Holy Spirit of Truth to us as well. The Holy Spirit will guides us into all truth, not false doctrine nor false prophecies. he is the Spirit of Truth. And when you are a real child of God, you will depart from everything that is not truthful.

To have an abiding relationship with the Lord, you must abide and remain in the Lord, and in the truth, anything false or lies, you will not have anything to do with it.

They will deceive everyone their parents, employers, world of untruthful people. They have made a covenant with the devil, the father of all lies.

  1. He has the key of David, the key of Power – Revelations 3:7; Isaiah 22:22; Luke 24:45; Acts 14:27; 16:14; 2 Corinthians 2:12; Matthew 25:11; Luke 13:25-27

He has the Key of David. The final authority of Christ, He has that, if He say no, nobody can say yes, and if He open the door for you to come into the kingdom, nobody can shut the door. He has the final say in all matters.

How does He open, and what does He open?

He will open the door in your life in Jesus Name. He open their understanding. No matter how ignorant, darkened, dull a person may be, when Christ opens the door of understanding, you will understand the gospel and the Bible. As we go on to preach the gospel, Christ will open the door of faith unto the Gentiles.

If it appears that the word of God is not penetrating your life and heart, then something is happening to you, you need Christ to open the door, go to Him, and lean on Him, to open the door of grace unto you, open your heart, and He will make you holy and pure.

A door to preach the gospel will be open unto me, so I need to pray as I go out to preach. This is how my word will have conviction and power to save the people.

Christ has the key to shut the door at the end of eternity, and no man can open.

They heard the word, but they were not saved, they were presuming in their hearts that they eat with Him, but they were disappointed on that final day, and I pray that you will not disappointed.

Point 2. The Conqueror’s Irrevocable Privilege and Opportunities

Revelations 3:8-10; Matthew 17:20; John 17:6; Isaiah 49:23

He knows your works. He always say that. You might do under the cover of darkness, hide it from everybody, He knows your works.  You cannot say amen to that if you are not transparent holy and righteous, for that promise is written to an holy, faithful, obedient, sanctified and righteous church.

If you are faithful, loyal, obedient, steadfast, and following through the word of God, then the Lord will keep you from that Great Tribulation, you will not partake in it.

These are faithful people, and He open the door unto them.

They had a little strength, and with that, they were obedient unto the Lord. With that little faith and strength, be faithful unto the Lord.  You can overcome every sin, all mountain of difficulties, you will overcome.

Saved, repentant, we have kept His word. It is that grace and salvation in us that will make us to be obedient not the Lord whether people sees us or not. We will keep the word, for we are not doing it for the pastor nor members of the church, but because we have connection with the Lord, then we will keep His word.

The synagogue of Stan will bow unto me. A little problem, we are not to run to people, nor prayer warriors, we are to pray by the strength of the Lord, for He will us that strength to pray, and stand against all those all those opposers. I will stand. I will not compromise nor bend nor look down.

This victory, I will enjoy it.

Point 3. Christ’s Irreversible Promise to the Overcomers

Revelations 3:11

The Lord is coming.

What do I have? I have Christ, sound doctrine, sanctification, holiness, courage, convictions, responsibilities, crown, promises that the Lord has given, assignment for the Lord that is not transferable, what have you got. Hold that fast.

There are people they don’t know what they have.

I am staying. If I don’t wait how will your enemy come to bow at your feet. If you don’t wait how will those synagogues of satan will come to say sorry unto you.

If you know what you have and possess you will not be saying than I am going and going. I will stay, nobody will drive me away from my inheritance in Jesus Name. You have a crown and inheritance waiting for you. Hold fast till He comes, let no man take your crown.

I will stand and overcome. When trials, temptations, poverty, jobless, evil spirits come, I will overcome.

Something great and precious is waiting for me.

I will see you in glory land. You will be more glorious, precious than this. Just a lit bit of trials, temptations and difficulties, I overcome. The trumpet will sound, and I will go and be with the Lord.

I am going to be obedient, steadfast, and waiting for the coming of the Lord, and I will go to be with the Lord when He comes. I will be an Overcomer.

Ponder on this! We have the ministry of reconciliation, we link sinners to the Saviour, link believers to the Bridegroom, link the people of God to the power of God, make them to come nearer to God, and to receive more of the blessings of God. We reconcile husbands and wives, parents and children, pastors and members, people in the church, we are not for conflict, not for warfare. Pastor (Dr) W.F Kumuyi.

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