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Gleans from Pastor W.F Kumuyi DCLM Worldwide Sunday Service Message – 30th October 2016

Gleans from Pastor W.F Kumuyi DCLM Worldwide Sunday Service Message

DLBC Lafia, Nasarawa State, Nigeria

30th October 2016

Topic – Reigning through the Spirit’s Anointing

Text – 2 Samuel 2:4; 1 Samuel 16:13; 2 Samuel 5:3

This day will not pass you by, the Lord will bless and enrich your life. Its a day of power, miracle and supernatural anointing.
The Sun of Righteousness is shinning upon you, and you will not miss His Rain in Jesus Name.
If you were here at the time of our STS, we learnt about anointing.
Anointing is very significant. The kings in the OT were anointed. David was anointed King over Judah. He was first anointed by Samuel among the sons of Jese. And the consequence of that anointing is that the Spirit of God came upon David. The third time, he was anointed by all the elders at Hebron. It must be mightily, essentially and gloriously important that David was anointed king thrice. Why do we need to study the anointing upon David. It was from David, we get to the Son of David, Jesus Christ, that was anointed. And you are there today, an anointing is coming upon your life today. The anointing of the believer.
Why was David anointed?
1. David was anointed to reign and rule over the land, and over the enemies of the nation
2. David was anointed to represent the Almighty God, the King of Israel. God need a regent, somebody to stand in for Him, so David was chosen and anointed by God.
3. David was anointed to restrict and restrain the enemies of the nation Israel.
4. David was anointed to reproduce and re-establish the rue of God over the nation Israel.

Somebody there today, you will reign through the anointing of the Spirit of God. You are converted, consecrated, conquered by the Spirit of God. It is the Spirit that brings the anointing. And your own time has come, you will reign in Jesus Name as David reigned.

3 points;

Point 1. The Power of Christ’s Anointing

Psalms 2:6-7,2; 45:6,7; Luke 4:18,21; Acts 10:38

David has come and gone, but there is our Christ, our King that abides forever.
Christ came through the lineage of David, and as David was anointed, so Christ was anointed while on earth here. He has been appointed the King, anointed and approved as the King of kings, and Lord of lords, the One that comes to rule and reign over your life, to have authority over everything against your life in Jesus Name. Christ is the anointed One, an anointing that is greater, abides than that of David, and an anointing that never knew any failure.
Samuel anointed David, and the Spirit of God came upon David, but here comes the Son of God Himself, He was anointed by the Spirit of God. And the anointing has power, and for a purpose, to transform your life by the power of the anointing today. All the captives here today, you are delivered in Jesus Name, by the anointing. The anointing and appointing of Christ is the One that breaks every yoke in your life. And today is your day. Thats why we sing, nothing in my hands I bring, Rock of Ages cleft for me. Not because of what I have done, but because of the anointing of Christ. And today is your day of salvation, miracle, healing, deliverance and breakthroughs. Those blind eyes will open, and the lame legs will walk again. For those who the devil has bruised their lives, the Lord will set you free today, thank God. This is your day.
Why was Christ anointed? He was anointed so that He will destroy the works of the devil in your life. Anointed to save, deliver, heal, conquer the works of the enemy in your life, restore you to the original creation of God, and that anointing of Christ will work in my life today. Its my day of blessing, miracle and breakthrough. Christ was anointed to set you free.
Samuel anointed David in chapter 16, and David went forth in chapter to conquer Goliath not for himself, but for the nation of Israel. But God anointed Jesus, the Almighty One Himself anointed Jesus with Holy Ghost and power.
Samuel anointed David, and he did not lived with David after the anointing. But in the case of Jesus Christ, God that anointed Him stayed with Him, and thats why Jesus is coming to where you are today, He will set you free. He is anointed to save, He will save you, to deliver, He will deliver you, heal, and He will heal you.

Point 2. The Possibilities of the Conqueror’s Anointing

1 Samuel 16:13; 17:34-36; Psalms 89:20

The anointing that came upon David in chapter 16 made him to conquer Goliath in chapter 17. And you too will conquer.
David could not reign, not accepted by his brothers, could not face Goliath but for the anointing.
Whats the result of the anointing, when that anointing comes upon a believer?
The secret, protection, power, victory, resources are all in the anointing.
When the lion came, what gave him the courage and confidence is the anointing. That same courage to succeed, to fight Satan and win the battle, to stand upon the head of your enemy will come upon your life today. The anointing will smite that lion in your life today, and kill that bear in your life today.
You can tell in the life of the man David, that after that anointing came, power, victory and dominion came.
It not that you should be looking for one Samuel today to anoint you as David was anointed. The authority of the anointing is God Almighty Himself. It was God that anointed David. And today, a great anointing of power, authority will come upon your life in Jesus Name.
You will conquer.

Point 3. The Purpose of His Current Anointing

Ephesians 5:30; 1 John 2:27; 2 Corinthians 1:21; Romans 16:20; 1 John 3:8

I will be a partaker of His current anointing today.
There is a divine purpose, a reason why God will pour His anointing upon your life today.
Christ is the Head of the church, and the Church is the bod of Christ, and His current anointing is the anointing for the whole body. he left us here on earth, so that what he would have done, that is what we are going to do. We who are christians and born again are members of His body. Thank God, I have the anointing today.
He has anointed us for a purpose;
1. To rule over our internal enemies – the argue to do evil and wickedness
2. To reign in righteousness – live like the son of a King, carry authority, and power, dominion and confidence, you will resist the devil and he will run away from you. I am a conqueror in Jesus Name
3. To restrain Satan and his servants. You will not be a slave nor servant of Satan. There is an anointing that puts the devil and the powers of occultism where they belong. When you are anointed by the Spirit, you will have confidence and be courageous.
4. To reproduce God’s authority and dominion here on earth.
5. To restore whatever we have lost in Adam
6. To root out whatever the Heavenly Father has not planted in your life, ministry and family.
7. To re-establish God’s full and final authority and control over your life. The Lord will be in charge in our life, He will not share it with Satan. he will save your soul, forgives your sin, heal your sickness, sets you free.
The devil has blindfolded many people, and put them in his dungeon, thats bad news, but the good news is that for this purpose the Son of God was manifested to destroy all the works of the devil. Sin is the word of the devil, your victory, freedom, forgiveness, the grace of God has come, and I will be a partakers. Sickness, oppression, affliction, curse, defeat, bad circumstances in your life, are all the works of the devil, and the Son of God was manifested to destroy all the works of the devil, and if you are ready, today will be your day of victory, and success in Jesus Name. You are a child of destiny, victory and triumph, and the evil spirits will clear before you as they will see that anointing upon your life. This start by the forgiveness of your sins, and the outpouring fo the Spirit of God upon your life. Are you ready for that anointing?

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