…earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" Jude 3.

Study – Preserving God’s Church from Defiling Influences

Gleans from Monday Bible Study with Pastor (Dr) W.F Kumuyi.

DLBC Old Agege Location, Lagos

31st October 2016

Topic – Preserving God’s Church from Defiling Influences

Text – Revelation 2:18-29; Matthew 16:18,19

Here we find Jesus our Lord and Saviour, He refers to the Church as His own Church, it does not belong to a man. From the beginning of the New Covenant, to the end of this Age, the Church does not belong to an angel, a man, a woman, nor to an apostle but to Christ Jesus only.

When we allow Christ to build His Church without any infiltration from the world, human contamination, Satanic domination, anti-christ intimidation, that Church will be saved and sound, sanctified and steadfast, pure and holy, unwavering and uncompromising, preserved from evil and from every corruption, it will be the Centre, Pillar and the Ground of Truth, and will be protected and preserved from all evil and from every appearance of evil.

But for this church, they did not allow Christ to build His church because there was;

  1. Infiltration from the world
  2. Human contamination
  3. Satanic domination
  4. Anti-christ intimidation

This is the same with your christian life, that your life is connected with Christ and Christ alone, and there is no human contamination, then you will grow, and be a strong, stable, steadfast Christian.

Christ is talking to HIs Church today, and He will talk to you.

Why are we looking at this? Because in the last days, Christ is coming, and this is very near, so we need to hear what He is telling His Church before He comes, and also in the last days, corruptions and sin will increase, and we need to know the words of Christ so that we can keep ourselves from the pollutions of the world. All the pollutions in the world are not from Christ, so you should not allow all these to hinder what Christ wants to do in your life. The Lord wants His church to be preserved and purged from all defiling influences of the world in Jesus Name.

3 points;

Point 1. The Description and the Perception of the Unchangeable Christ

Revelations 2:18; John 5:22-25

He refers to the leader of the church as angels, but why did Jesus said this

You see how high angels lived, so the leaders are expected to be as high above all the people as the angels are above the common people – 1 Timothy 3:1-5

The minister, angel of that church must be, this is not optional, not like the common man, highly exalted above the common people. He is saved, sanctified, rightly dividing the word of God, pastoring well the small church in his house under him. There should be law and order, obedience to the word of God in his family. He must have good report of them that are without, distinct and different. I pray the Lord will make angel out of us in Jesus Name.

Angel of the Church. The church is the group, assembly, congregation of People – Psalms 89:5; 149:1

The Church is the congregation of the saints, not of adulterous people, liars and fighters, but that you come as a sinner into His church, and you pass through the transforming and forgiving hands of Christ, He make a saint out of the sinner, and makes you part of His church.

The Church in Thyatira, the Church is there, located there, but there are not of the place. A school make be located in a place, but the school is not part of the ignorance, drunkeness and sinfulness in that location. So the church is in the world but not of the world, and the Lord will keep you from the pollution of the world.

Jesus tells us His Name, as the Son of God. Jesus is the Son of God. The Father approves Him as His Son, so what do you know about the Father that you can say no to Jesus as the Son of God. Also, the Father has given some of His Authority to the hands of His Son Jesus. This is the arrangement of Heaven, and we don’t have any choice, He has committed the judgement of the world to His Son alone. You will have everlasting life today as you receive His Son in Jesus Name. His voice will wake up the dead, and everything that is dead in your life will come alive today as we hear His voice, and you will never be the same again in Jesus Name.

He has His eyes as the flame of fire, can penetrate everything, and His feet as fine brass, to tread down all the enemies of God. And He knows your minds, your heart, secrets, everything you have done, and have not done.

He knows the following about this church

  1. Thy Charity – 1 Corinthians 13:1-8

The higher you go, the less provocative you become, smile to your wife, love, goodness, patience, charity begins at home. Let your wife, spouse knows your charity, and see it to others as well. Splash the love of God around. You will bear all things, endure all things, and the love of God will be planted in your heart, and you will conquer in jesus Name.

Money, properties, beauty will fail, but only charity will never fails.

2. Thy Service – Romans 12:1-2; Ephesians 6:6,7

The Lord will know your service. You will be doing good, behaving well all the time whether we are there or not.

3. Thy Faith – Romans 5:1

We can see that faith by your obedience to the word of God. I believed God, and because of that I behave in a way that corresponds to the word of God.

4. Thy Patience

In your perplexity, confusion, God will speak to you, so be patient like Joseph

5. Thy Works – 1 Thessalonians 1:3

And the last to be more than the first – 1 Thessalonians 4:1,10

Have you noice that in the world, the higher you go, the colder you become, the higher you go, the less of work you do in the society. Check up your life, as a minister, what are you doing today, are you getting colder, lukewarm, more or less, slower or faster, idle of hardworking, doing more today than you did years ago. You will serve the Lord more, work for Him more, perseverance more, love the Lord more, work for Him the more.

You want to consecrate yourself to the Lord, that this week, what I did for the Lord last week will be greater this week in Jesus Name. I will love my wife, children and neighbour more than I did last week in Jesus Name. I will serve the Lord more, the church and my neighbours more than I did in the past months. In this coming month and year, the faith in my life will be more and higher than I have last month in Jesus Name.

Patience in people, in problem and in perplexity, to be more patience than I was yesterday today in the coming month. This is what the Lord is telling us. You will smile, love, help, sympathise, visit the converts, and be active for the Lord more in Jesus Name. And the blessing of God will be greater in your life as well.

The words more and more. There is going to be more and more in our lives and ministry, to do more for the Lord than we did before.

Point 2. The Damnation and the Punishment  of an Unrepentant Corrupter

Revelations 2:20; 2 Timothy 3:13,14; Romans 2:4-7; 2 Peter 2:1-3; Revelations 20:11-15

The Lord rebuke this church because;

  1. There was charity without chastity
  2. There was service without sanctification. It good to serve more and more, but whatever work and service you are doing, let there be righteousness and godliness
  3. There was faith without faithfulness. Its good to believe God, but there be faithfulness in our marriages as well.
  4. There was patience without purity.

The Lord commends them for what they had, but also rebuke and corrected them for what they do not have.

5. There was more work without much watchfulness

There was in this Church;

1.Defilement through a False Preacher – Revelations 2:14

Not just Jezebel alone, but there was Balaam as well

Dedication without Discipline  –

2. Defiance of a Filthy Pervert – Revelations 2:21

3. Damnation of a Faltering Prophet or Prophetess – Revelations 2:22

4. Doom of Fallen Profligate – revelations 2:24

I pray the Lord will preserve your life in Jesus Name.

I will not be a false prophet nor a backslider, I will continue in the Truth in Jesus Name.

judgement will come, and I will not be incorrigible. Judgement day is coming, and only those who are washed in the blood of Lamb will escape that judgement. I will escape the judgement of God. I pray your name will be and remain in the Book of Life. temptations, trials will come, and I will stand in Jesus Name.

Point 3. The  Dedication and Perseverance of Unwavering Conquerors

Revelations 2:24-28

I will conquer. Satan will try to come to deceive and fight me, but he will fail, because he has missed heaven, I will not be confused by Satan and demons, I will get to heaven. Temptations will come, and I will conquer. I will not waver, nothing will push me away. There may be temporary problem, challenge, correction, but I will conquer. There will be more and more in my life in Jesus Name.

1.Protection from the Corrupter – Revelations 2:24

Keep yourself away from those corrupters, christ is not putting any other burden upon me, just get saved, sanctified, concentrate on charity with chastity, service with sanctification, faith with faithfulness, patience with purity, and more work with much watchfulness.

2. Perseverance until His Coming – Revelations 2:25

I have something. I have the Spirit of God, inheritance in the kingdom of God, crown awaiting me, I have something, I will not get tired.

3. Promise for the Conquerors – Revelations 2:26

I will overcome this day, and every day. Whatever the devil try to do, I will walk over that and overcome.

4. Possession in Christ – Revelations 2:28; Daniel 3:12

There is glory, the beauty of heaven coming upon my life. I will be high above all the common things on earth, and my light will shine now and in eternity, and all I have do is to be an overcomer.

5. Priority of Comprehension and Consecration – Revelations 2:29

That as the message is coming, Lord I am hearing, consecrating myself, give myself, heart to the Lord to be saved, sanctified, this is my priority that I give myself to the word of God, and no Jezebel will take this word out of my life in Jesus Name.

Lord, form today, this new week, and new month, and new year will come, it will be more and more in God’s love, service and consecration. More blessing, joy, beauty and glory upon my life in Jesus Name.

Ponder on this! When we allow Christ to build His Church without any infiltration from the world, human contamination, Satanic domination, anti-christ intimidation, that Church will be saved and sound, sanctified and steadfast, pure and holy, unwavering and uncompromising, preserved from evil and from every corruption, it will be the Centre, Pillar and the Ground of Truth, and will be protected and preserved from all evil and from every appearance of evil. Pastor (Dr) W.F Kumuyi.

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